Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Here's what else I've been up to online lately...

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

Last week's column was all about the best-looking adventure comics coming out in April. There was an extraordinary amount of DC and Marvel in the list this time, but also some Robin Hood, an 18th century monster-hunter, ghost-busting pets, and of course Turf and Kill Shakespeare, both of which I've mentioned here before.

I also got ribbed in the comments for leaving out some stuff by a particular publisher, which is okay. That's part of the deal when you write a column like that. I actually like a lot of stuff that Dynamite publishes, even though none of their solicitations for this April particularly grabbed me. I think it's probably time too I remind folks that that list focuses on first issues and bookshelf volumes.

One thing I shouldn't have left out though was the second volume in First Second's Olympians series. I read the first volume after I compiled that list and reviewed it for this week's column.

If you don't feel like clicking to the actual review, the short version is that it's best take I've ever seen on Greek mythology in any medium, that's it's revived my interest in the subject matter, and that I can't wait for the eleven sequels that George O'Connor's planning. You should totally buy it.

Robot Review

This isn't exactly adventure-related (though there are some strong fantasy elements to some of the stories), but I also reviewed Fehed Said's very good anthology about the need for human connection, Talking to Strangers.

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