Friday, February 26, 2010

Art Show: Me Tarzan

This is How They Getcha

Artist Unknown [Admiral Calvin]


Artist Unknown [Animation Backgrounds has a ton of cool background art from Disney's Tarzan.]

Tarzan and Jane

[Golden Age Comic Book Stories ran a fantastic post full of classic Hollywood romance for Valentine's Day. There's some Captain Blood in there too.]

T-Rex Love

By Mathieu Reynès.

Doctor No

By Michael Gilette (beware of music in that link). I know I've shared his fantastic Bond covers before, but they're always worth revisiting.


By Ted Naifeh.


By Victor Santos.

Alpha Flight

By John Byrne. [Giant-Size Marvel]

The Headless Horseman

By Francesco Francavilla.

Native Drums

By Genevieve Tsai.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

That would be a cool knew justice league...

Anonymous said...

You post those Bond covers as much as you want. So, so beautiful.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Shannon. I feel the same way.


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