Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Art Show: Why Michael May Loves Dr. Dinosaur

I've got this huge backlog of art links, so if it's okay with you guys I think I'll spend the next few days clearing them out.


By Jeremy Vanhoozer.

Space Frog

By Wally Wood [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Rima, the Jungle Girl

By Rags Morales. [DC Universe: The Source]

La of Opar

By Gene Gonzales.

TV Heads

By Frank R Paul. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Therizinosaurs through the Years

By Tricia Arnold. My son likes to ask me what my favorite dinosaur is a couple of times a day. I keep changing my mind, but about 40% of the time, it's therizinosaurus. I like how he's baffled paleontologists as they've tried to figure out what he looks like, but mostly I just love the claws. [Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs]

Dr. Dinosaur

By Scott Wegener.

The Wolf Man

By Martin Ansin. [/Film]

Zatanna and Batman

By Dustin Nguyen. [Comic Art Community]


By Otis Frampton.
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