Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Show: There's Something Wrong With That Boy

Kids Stuff

By Richard Sala.


By Lydia Sánchez.

Aquaman vs Black Manta

By Jim Aparo [Comic Art Community]

Colt 45

By Bully. I would totally buy that comic.

Edited to add: Bully commented below to clarify his part in the creation of this image:
I did want everyone to know that the Billy Dee Williams figure on my "Colt .45" parody cover is not drawn by me, as it looks like everything else in this post is. It's a repurposed piece of artwork from the Colt website, juxtaposed against the logo from the old Gold key Colt 45 series. In other words, it's not so much art as a Photoshop mashup, and I don't want to claim any ownership or creatorship of the artwork elements.

I'm not that good an's a bit difficult with hooves!
Thanks, Bully! Photoshop mashups totally count as art to me, but I was a bit lazy with attributing credit. I appreciate the note.

Unlikely Disney Princesses

By Sam Nielson. [Avalanche Software Art Blog]


By Tom Fowler [Comic Twart]

By Evan "Doc" Shaner [Comic Twart]

The Defenders

By Neal Adams [Giant-Size Marvel]


By Chris Wahl.

Mr. Skullface ("not his real name")

By Scott Wegener.
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