Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tonight: Frankenstein on the big screen

Totally doing this tonight. It'll be David's first time seeing these movies.

I was about his age when the children's museum in my hometown ran a Halloween showing of Son of Frankenstein. That was my first time seeing any of the classic Frankenstein films and I can still remember the experience.

If you're interested in checking out a showing near you, Fathom Events has details.


Wings1295 said...

We have had tickets for weeks! Can't wait!

Michael May said...


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I heard about this a couple weeks ago, and am a little jealous.

I remember by senior year of college, the local theater showed a double feature of "Frankenstein" and "The Wolf Man", plus some live classic horror movie music played on an organ in between showings. Thrown in snacks and my friends in balcony seats and it was a blast so I'm sure you'll have a good time.

Michael May said...

There's nothing really like it. My grammar school did a showing of the original King Kong when I was ten years old. Not only was it my first time seeing that movie, but seeing it on the big screen with a bunch of other people was unforgettable.


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