Friday, October 26, 2012

31 Days of Dracula | Dominic Purcell (2004)

The Blade movies were based on a character from Marvel's Tomb of Dracula comics, so including Dracula in the series was not only a natural move, but - for comics fans - a necessary one. That finally happened in the third film, Blade: Trinity.

Unfortunately, writer/director David S. Goyer chose not to have Dracula resemble at all the tall, dark, and sinister character from the comics. Probably it was because Wesley Snipes' Blade was such a physical presence and it would have been difficult to sell the classic Dracula as a plausible threat. I don't know if that was the reasoning, but it's easy to imagine that as part of the decision-making process. Whatever the cause, Goyer hired Dominic Purcell (Mission: Impossible II, Prison Break) to play a much hunkier Dracula than we're used to. I like the movie, but Dracula is the character in name only, and for the most part not even that. He's called Drake for most of the film.

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Mike D. said...

There were no ducks in that movie!!! sheesh!


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