Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Art Show: Illustrateurs

If you like the Art Show feature here, you need to add Illustrateurs to your blogroll or RSS feed right away. Chris Mautner linked to it from Robot 6 and I'm hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I'm dedicating an entire Art Show post to sharing just a tiny taste of what's going on over there. Every post of theirs is stuffed full of more amazing art just like the images below.

The Deadly Lady of Madagascar

By Robert Maguire.

Fire Fight for the Village

By Mort Künstler.

Jungle people, giant reptiles, derring-do, and more after the break.

Tarzan and the Great Confrontation

By Enrique Torres Prat.

Jungle Woman

By Alfonso Azpiri.

"You're New Around Here, Aren't You?"

By Bernie Wrightson.


By Viktor Vasnetsov.

Giacomo C

By Werner "Griffo" Goelen.

Sergeant Gregory's Escape

By Mort Künstler.


By Justin Sweet.

The Mists of Asceltis

By Jean-Luc Istin.


quicky said...

Many Thanks!

Michael May said...

Thank YOU for putting it together. I'm in awe!

quicky said...

it's a pleasure to share all these wonders


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