Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cownt Tales Review at Bookgasm

Rod Lott from Bookgasm wrote a very cool review of Cownt Tales #1. Bookgasm's a great site anyway (its recommendations are responsible for about 90% of my novel purchases) and in addition to running the blog, Rod's also one of the most entertaining critics around anywhere.
...this black-and-white book is rife with cattle puns. If that was all May could do, the project would equate to a mushy cow pattie, but he has a sharp wit about him, so COWNT TALES flies with a smile-ready spirit. Although it’s styled like a EC-hosted horror affair, humor is the name of the game, and May’s stable of artists — Gavin Spence, Paul Taylor and Jessica Hickman — pull it off with pizazz. Usually, indie comics projects of this kind lack in the art department; no such trouble here.

The best praise you can give a homegrown book like COWNT TALES is that you’d like to see more. And I sure as hell would.
Thanks, Rod!

"Stable" of artists... That's awesome.


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Well deserved validation brother.

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