Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Art Show: Strange Adventures on Other Worlds

Mina Harker

By Josh H Black. Mina's one of my favorite heroes. She's the only character in Dracula - including Van Helsing - who really knows what's going on, but the men all try to sideline and ignore her in the name of trying to protect her. And they pay for it.

Diane and I were fortunate to have a son, because if we'd had a daughter I was pushing to name her Mina. Diane - not a vampire fan at all - was opposed and we were headed for a stand-off (that she totally would have won, but that's not important to the story). [Avalanche Software Art Blog]


I can't make out that signature, so someone tell me if you know who did this. [This Isn't Happiness]

Northstar and Aurora

By Josh Rogan. [Brother Cal]

The Greatest Super Hero of All Time

I'd buy a lifetime subscription to a comic about this kid. [Brother Cal again]


By Sam.

Black Amazon of Mars

By Allen Anderson. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories, who totally makes me want to read some Leigh Brackett]

New York After Disaster

By Gael Bertrand.

Atomic Robo

By Devin Harrigan. [Atomic Robo]


Paul Allan Ballard said...

Leigh Brackett's Mars stories are a lot of fun and worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

From what I can tell, the Batgirl picture is probably by Marcos Martin, likely from the Batgirl: Year One miniseries.

Michael May said...

Thanks, Paul!

Anon: Thanks for that tip. I checked out Martin's signature on some other work and it's different, but I can certainly see the similarity in the styles.


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