Monday, March 08, 2010

Art Show: I'd forgotten how cute Death is

The Suicide Squad

By Mike Maihack.

The Wolfman

By Daniel Danger.

I never did get a review written of The Wolfman. There are very few werewolf movies that I actually dig. The Lon Chaney Jr's Wolf Man and Jack Nicholson's Wolf are pretty much it. With that in mind, The Wolfman was a good werewolf movie. Not a good movie movie necessarily, but I liked the atmosphere enough that I'd put it in the few werewolf films I'd watch again.

It doesn't compare favorably to Chaney's version though. Del Toro is good at the tragedy of Larry Talbot, but captures none of the humor that made Chaney's tragedy so much more potent. The less said about what they did to Talbot Sr, the better. What an awful waste of Anthony Hopkins. [/Film]

More monsters, Death, and a couple of robots after the break.

Night of the Nick-Nacks

By Richard Sala.


By Cliff Chiang.

By Jessica Hickman.


By Gray Morrow. [Shades of Gray]


By Frank Cho. [Comic Book Resources]

Space Men Hate Cephalopods

Especially when the tentacles come out of their faces. By HW Wesso. [Golden Age Comic Book Stories]

Atomic Robo

By Alex Butera and Lindsay Small. [Atomic Robo]


By Nate Simpson.


houseofduck said...

Have you seen this Suicide Squad piece?

Makes me wonder if it is the same person commissioning multiple artist!

Michael May said...

I bet you're right. That's cool!


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