Saturday, March 06, 2010

Elsewhere on the Internets: Best of the Bronze Age

Here's what else I've been up to online lately:

Five for Friday

Last Friday's (not yesterday, but the week before) assignment from Tom Spurgeon was to Name Five Comics Or Cohesive Runs Of Comics That You Would Give To Someone That Would Encapsulate The Bronze Age And Provide A Gateway To Its Greater Pleasures.

My very Marvel/DC-centric answers were:

1. X-Men #94-143 (1975-1981)
2. Batman #232-244 (1971-1972)
3. Special Marvel Edition #15-16 (1973-1974)
4. Green Lantern #76-89 (1970-1972)
5. Tomb of Dracula #1-70 (1972-1979)

Plump Sister

We finally wrapped up the first scene of A Christmas Carol with a look at a couple of comics adaptations: Marvel's Bronze Age one and Classical Comics' more recent graphic novel version.

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

My first column in the new time slot finished the series I've been doing on Anne Freaks.

Another nice compliment

Fehed Said said something nice about my review of his Talking to Strangers anthology. He called it "a very thoughtful review" and added, "Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting anything less from Michael May." Thanks so much, Fehed. Such a thoughtful book deserved no less.

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