Saturday, March 06, 2010

Comics News: The Awesomeness of Science, Victorian Samurais and Vampires, and Zombie-Killing Cheerleaders

The Ethelbertosaurus

First Second Books lists the Top Three Reasons you should like Tiny Tyrant, Volume One.

Madam Samurai

Scar Comics sent along a press release for a cool-looking graphic novel called Madam Samurai. They describe it as being about "a female samurai warrior whose journey brings her to Victorian London on a mission of vengeance." It'll be out in June and you can find out more at Scar's website.

Bram Stoker's Death Ship

IDW's got a Dracula prequel coming out in May. Or, not so much a prequel as a fleshing out of the events that happened off-screen on board the Demeter in the novel. This could be really really good.

Zombies vs Cheerleaders

Cownt Tales' Jessica Hickman illustrates a story and a variant cover to Moonstone's Zombies vs Cheerleaders #1. It's based on a card set that I know nothing about, but the concept sounds great and Jess is perfect at drawing both monsters and cute girls.

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