Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art Show: The Dark Swamps of Barsoom

Cursed Pirate Girl

By Katie Cook.


By Ryan Cody. [Hey, Oscar Wilde! It's Clobberin Time!!!]

Richard Sala, John Carter, Flash Gordon, giant robots, more Katie Cook, and 3D Giant Hippos after the break.

Beware the Black Death!

By Richard Sala.

David and Goliath

By David Malki. The only thing better than that image right there is seeing it in 3D. Which you can do at Malki's site.

John Carter of Mars

By Francesco Francavilla. [ComicTwart]

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

Artist Unknown, but Golden Age Comic Book Stories has an amazing gallery of posters from old movie serials.


By Katie Cook.


By Jaime Hernandez. [Scans Daily]

Robbie vs Robot

By Phillipe "Manchu" Bouchet. [Illustrateurs; as usual with that blog, the post is full of fantastic other stuff and it was difficult to pick just one image. I especially love the art at the top of the post that shows exactly what I thought the world was supposed to look like by now when I was a kid.]

The Marvels Project

By Steve Epting.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Great choices as usual. There is something about the Red Skull that makes him one of my favorite villains. He's like Doom only without the vanity. He's the only villain I am never sure that Captain America can defeat. I hope the upcoming movie does him justice.

Michael May said...

Me too. I'm awfully glad they got Hugo Weaving to play him. Absolutely the right man for the job.


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