Monday, January 04, 2010

Writing is Hard: Resolutions, Marketing Tips, and Other Inspiration

Resolutions for Writers

JA Konrath has been recording his recommended New Years' resolutions for writers since 2006 and you can read them all here.

He also has another useful and inspirational post outlining what he's learned after five years blogging about the publishing business.

Books on Writing

I've decided to give up reading books on writing for a while so that I can do some actual writing instead. But I love studying the craft and learning more about the business, so I expect that I'll eventually want to try some of Pimp My Novel's recommendations. I like how they've got the list divided into books that help you before you've written your novel and those that help you sell it afterwards.

Pre-Release Marketing

On a related note, thriller author Tess Gerritsen has a helpful post about how she starts selling her books before they even come out.

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