Friday, January 01, 2010

New! New! New! New! New!

I'm not really big on the word "resolutions" because it sounds so serious and momentous. I do believe in making plans though and setting goals, as long as the goals are things I can directly control. Someone pointed out to me a long time ago the difference between goals and desires and it's changed the way I plan for the future.

Goals are things I have complete control over. "I will finish the script for Tula and the Pirate Witch" is dependent entirely on me. Desires are things that can only be fulfilled with the cooperation of someone else. "Tula and the Pirate Witch will have a publisher by the end of the year," involves Jess (the artist), the letterer, and a publisher to make it happen. That doesn't mean that it can't happen and that I shouldn't hope for it to. It just means that having Tula published this year can't be my personal goal.

So, Goals for 2010:

I want to keep my Internet footprint at least as large as it is now. Hopefully it will grow, but I can't control that, so I'm going to at least continue turning in Robot 6 articles on time and pitching in on other features there when possible. And I'll continue blogging here and at the other places I contribute to. The idea is to maintain the current quantity of material I produce for the Internet while looking for ways to improve the quality of it.

While doing that, I also have some fiction-writing goals. I want to finish the script for the first issue of Tula and the Pirate Witch and stay at least an issue ahead of Jess so that she's not waiting on me. I've also got a project planned with artist Darla Ecklund and the same plan applies to that.

I also need to finish the script for Cownt Tales #2. A goal that Jess and I have together is to get enough pages done that we can pitch the second issue to publishers (Gav and Paul are also on board, but I don't expect that I'll need their pages for the pitch if I include in it a copy of the first issue. I could be wrong about that though). I'm making no promises about having it printed by a certain time. I'd like to find a home for it and there's no telling how long that will take.

I need to work with Jason Copland to come up with a game plan for Kill All Monsters (the post-apocalyptic, giant robots vs giant monsters comic we're doing), even if the plan is to let it sit another year. We've been throwing around some ideas about where to take it, so we just need to solidify those into a real plan.

And Jesse James vs Machine Gun Kelly is still a live project. Hope to have an update on that soon, but I can't make specific plans about it just yet.

I need to rethink my novel. Tula is going to scratch the particular itch my current draft was designed for, so I'll likely shelve that for now and start on something different. I neglected prose in 2009 - which was fine - but I'd like to get back into it now.

That's more than enough, I think. Time to make it happen.

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