Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quotes of the Week: The Dark Dark Phoenix Saga

You mean to tell me that nobody would go see an action movie about a black chick with an afro, a robot arm, a sneer and a half-Japanese sword-wielding BFF in 2010? That they’d rather see The Dark Dark Phoenix Saga instead? Get outta here.
--David Brothers, on why a superhero movie about characters who are already People of Color would be one-billion per cent better than one in which white characters were simply recast as ones.

This isn’t the game-changer you’re waiting for, but it shines a somewhat clearer spotlight on the real thing to come. A game-changing tablet computer will combine the design philosophy and ease-of-use attributed to the iPad with the OS, hardware and functionality of a netbook, and it’ll cost $200-300 less than the lowest-priced iPad model.
--Dirk Deppey, expressing my attitude about the iPad as well. When I can get my iTouch and replace my laptop with the same device, Apple, then we'll talk.

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