Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Comics News: Black Beetle, the robot circus, and more

The Black Beetle

Why did it take me so long to learn that Francesco Francavilla (The Black Coat, Zorro, Fear Agent) has a blog? What's more, he's serializing the adventures of his own pulp hero creation, The Black Beetle.


Hans Rickheit describes his new graphic novel (being serialized online at a page a week) as "science fiction." There's only five pages up so far, but they're beautiful. With stuff like this to look at, I can be patient while waiting for whatever fantastic elements are coming.

Brislan Frost

My pal Grant Gould is working on a new series called Brislan Frost. He's not spilling a lot of details yet, but he describes it as being about "a young woman discovering the astounding and sometimes horrific secrets of the supernatural."

Carnivale DeRobotique

As part of Indy Comic Book Week last month, Robot 6 ran some previews of independent comics coming out on December 30. One of my favorites was Tony Trov, Johnny Zito and Mark Fidona's comic about a robot circus.

Zita the Space Girl

First Second Books is an awesome publisher and always has been, but they're really outdoing themselves with 2010's catalog. I'm planning to do a longer post about their new stuff coming out this year, but here's a taste from their blog of one of the upcoming books.

John Carter of Mars: The Jesse Marsh Years

I'm still disappointed that IDW never got to produce their comics adaptation of John Carter of Mars. Until someone's able to make new John Carter comics, I'll make myself content with Dark Horse's reprint of Dell's short-lived series from the '50s. Coming out May 26.

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