Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Other plans for Black Canary

Illustration by MC Wyman (inked and colored by Chris Shields).

DC is reorganizing their "co-features" strategy on their monthly issues and that's good news for me. Not because I'm going back to buying monthly comics - I'm not - but because of what it means for Black Canary, one of my favorite superheroes.

Green Arrow (co-featuring his wife Black Canary) will drop the co-feature and become "Green Arrow-centric" again (most likely reflecting all the big plans DC has for him and his former sidekick Red Arrow). That means that Black Canary's out of the book, which is perfect because it's been unreadable anyway since Andrew Kreisberg began writing it. DC says that they have "other plans for Black Canary," so I'll be looking forward to reading those when they're collected.

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