Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chuck Versus Last Season's Finale

I've been trying to decide what to say about the new season of Chuck, already three episodes along in its first week. Mostly I love it. Monday night's episode was one of the best ever, due partly to its focus on Captain Awesome and how he's dealing with his knowledge about Chuck's spy career. I love the dynamic between Chuck and Awesome now.

But I had a problem with the season premiere and the ham-fisted way it undid a lot of changes made in last season's finale. I don't have strong feelings about the specific plot points (in fact, I'm glad that Morgan and Big Mike will be around more this season) and I don't know how the writers could have reversed everything that they did with more finesse; I just wish that they had.

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Jay said...

I had some ambivilance about season 2's finale as well, but I decided that the writers for the finale had painted themselves into a corner and had to do a lot of wiggling to get out of it. I think Chuck was MORE than redeemed on Monday and I like his new skills (and his either lack of/or unwillingness to use them properly).

Either way, I'll be watching!


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