Sunday, January 03, 2010

Who Reads the Cownt?

Kat Varns reads the Cownt!

Kat is so awesome that she posted a picture of herself on Facebook with Cownt Tales #1 and with her permission I'm reposting it here. She writes, "Best comic EVER. Get one. Right now." You should listen to her.

She also says that she's the Cownt's biggest fan and is "actually probably going to be dressing as him for CONvergence" and maybe for SpringCon too! I can't wait to see that picture. Thanks again, Kat!

In related news, I need to get a copy of Cownt Tales to this woman right away.

I think she'd enjoy it. (Thanks to Brother Cal for this picture.)

One last bit of Cownt news, my boss JK at Robot 6 was nice enough to run a profile of Cownt Tales last week in preparation for Indy Comic Book Week. Thanks again, JK!

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