Monday, January 04, 2010

Lancelot reviews

The Lancelot book that I contributed to has gotten a couple of nice, five-star reviews on Amazon (no negative reviews yet, either). They rightfully focus on the poetry, but one reviewer also mentions my part. JL Orluck attributes that section to "the authors," but it's actually mine.

Orluck talks about how the book establishes "the historicity of this fabulous story, tracing the roots and variations of the legend from its very beginning in the middle of the 9th century to its current form in literature today. But more than that, they follow the development of the magnificent themes of the Lancelot legend, from his mystical heritage, to his ferocity in battle, to his weakness in love and the betrayal that not only destroyed a kingdom, but his own life, and the lives of the women who loved him." [Edited to add: Thinking more about it, the poems do a lot of that too, which is probably what Orluck is referring to. I may have just been looking for a reference to my essay when there wasn't one.]

But back to the poetry, Orluck calls that "earthy, poignant, raw and true to the full range of human emotion that a man is capable of ... eloquent, passionate, sensual and, at times, brutal." The other reviewer calls it "beautifully written" and says that though she's never read the classic Arthur-legends, she found the poems easy to follow.

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