Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rockford Files Remake

It's easy to miss in this article on the recent Winter Press Tour for TV critics, but NBC's ordered a pilot for a new version of The Rockford Files. I can't decide if that's heresy or fantastic, but its being created by David Shore (House) has me leaning towards the latter. If it's good, I demand that Magnum pi receive the same treatment.

It hit me the other day what a great time this is to be a fan of the kind of detective shows that I'm a fan of. After too many years of straightforward procedure mysteries like Law & Order and CSI, we're finally getting tons of shows with charismatic detectives solving funky crimes. TV mysteries haven't been this cool since the '70s and early '80s, which is exactly why NBC would be interested in a Rockford remake right now.


snell said...

Ah, but who do you get to play Jim Rockford? That's the $64,000 question.

Also--can they get James Garner to play Rocky? And who's annoying enough to be cast as the new Angel?

At least NBC can give Conan O'Brien the Richie Brockleman part...

Do they replace the answering machine opening with Rockford's Twitter feed?

I'll stop now.

Michael May said...

Ha! Don't stop; those are awesome! :D

James Garner as Rocky... you're a genius.

Who could play Rockford? I can't think of anyone with the charisma and the vulnerability to pull that off.

I'd like Benjamin Bratt for Angel, but he's too tall.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Rockford files and would gladly welcome a remake.

PLEASE do not do what they did when they did the remake of the Odd Couple (featured 2 black actors). They used the EXACT same scripts. Since I had seen the shows so many times, I immediately recognized the dialogue/plots.

Michael May said...

I just heard who they're casting as Jim and I'm pretty happy about it. That reminds me that I need to get that post up.

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Selleck would make a great choice. He is probably around the same age that Jim Garner was when he played the part.

And Mr. Garner would make a perfect Rocky but I think his health is not that good right now.

Anonymous said...

How about Cheech Marin as Angel?


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