Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Robot 6!

Robot 6 turned one year old this weekend. And we got a couple of very cool birthday cards!

By Guy Davis and Dave Stewart! Davis is one of my favorite artists of any medium, so I'm still pinching myself over this. Stewart is a legendary colorist, so that makes it even more unreal.

This one's by Mohammad F ("Hawk") Haque (Applegeeks), who's work I didn't know before, but plan to spend more time with from now on. That piece is so gorgeous and charming.

Thanks so much, Guy, Dave, and Hawk!

Also, it was a blast working with the other Robot 6 members last year and I'm looking forward to doing it all over again this year. Happy Birthday, guys!


Jason Copland said...

That Davis guy can sure draw, eh?

Michael May said...

Ain't that the truth?


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