Friday, July 17, 2009

Your Pirates of the Caribbean kind of Tarzan

Six things an independent comics fan should do at SDCC

My Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs column usually goes up on Wednesdays at Robot 6, but next Wednesday will be the first day of San Diego Comic-Con, and as Robot 6 editor JK Parkin says, trying to choose what to blog from the show will be a lot like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hose. That means that we'll be focusing the blog purely on the convention for the last half of the week, which means no GRD next week.

To make up for it though, I did an extra column this week about some of the cool things indie comics fans can do at the convention. It was surprisingly hard to pick just six.

Black Widow: Deadly Origin

Thanks I'm sure to her appearance in Iron Man 2, Black Widow will be getting a new mini-series written by Paul (Captain Britain and MI13) Cornell in November. It'll be a re-telling of her origin story.

Tarzan screenwriter has the right idea

Stuart Beattie has finished with his script for Warner Brothers' Tarzan movie and it sounds like he's got the right idea behind it:
It's your Pirates of the Caribbean kind of Tarzan. It's fun. It's how a Tarzan movie should be. It's just, because Tarzan's been done so many times, you can't just do the standard retelling of Tarzan again, because everyone knows that story. If you're going to do Tarzan, you've got to do it different than it's ever been done ... more mythological and supernatural. Mythic Africa, where the trees are two or three times the size of trees. It's that deep, deep, deep, dark, heart-of-Africa jungle that no one's ever been [to]. 1930s, period, all that kind of stuff, and really bring that world up into that kind of mythic status, where Tarzan can fly around on all these trees and do amazing acrobatics. I just had a lot of fun with it.
SCI FI Wire takes him literally on the word "fly" and spends most of their post scratching their heads and obsessing over it, but Beattie's thoughts sound about perfect to me.

What doesn't sound perfect is that Warner Brothers is still considering Stephen Sommers as the director. I guess Uwe Boll and Michael Bay weren't available.

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