Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adventuregallery: No School Like the Old School

Class of 1934

By Randy Reynaldo (Rob Hanes Advenutures). Thanks, Comics Reporter!

The A-Z of Awesomeness

This fun series by Neill Cameron has made the blog rounds as it was in progress, but it's worth mentioning that Cameron's completed it now.

Black Canary bookmark

By Evan "Doc" Shaner.


By Olga Ulanova.

Caution: Draw Bridge

By Charles Addams, who did a surprising (to me) number of sea-themed cartoons. Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a buttload of them including another, even funnier pirate one, a mermaid, a sea monster, and a lonely lighthouse keeper. And of course plenty of Addams Family and other gags. Well, well worth clicking through to check out.

Island girl

By Katie Cook.

Doc Savage vs. the Feathered Octopus

Not sure who this is by. James Bama was the most famous Doc Savage artist, but this doesn't look like his version.

A Monster Gorilla Stalks!

By Howard Purcell.

The Sea Girl

Not sure who this was by and I can't read the signature. Maybe someone more knowledgable than me can identify it.

Space girl

By Craig Wilson. I forget where I found it, but at least I wrote down Craig's name.

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