Sunday, July 05, 2009

Where's Mike?: Day Four

Heading home today, but not before seeing some more stuff.

Here are the clues for today. Guess where we're going in the comments and if you get the most right over all four days, you win a prize. I should mention that of there's a tie, everyone with that number of right answers wins.

Normal posting (including - hopefully - pictures from the trip) resumes tomorrow.


Chris said...

The freakin' corn palace. I've never stopped. There is a Cabela's right by there too, isn't there? South Dakota . . . you must be headed back, because that is way on the eastern edge, if my geography hasn't failed me!

feeb said...

How crazy is this? I was searching for some Franklin Booth images to show my art director for style consideration on something, and one of them was on your blog. My name is Michael May too! What's really nutty, is our mutual interest in material. I'm an artist, you're a writer. Fate? Buzz me sometime if you like!

Michael May said...

Chris: Yep! That was on the way home. I planned it that way so that we could skip it if we were tired or pressed for time. We did end up seeing it, but it was easily the most skippable thing on the trip.

Feeb/Mike: Ha! That's so cool. I've now checked out your site and your stuff is terrific! How awesome and confusing would it be if we did a project together?! :) I'll definitely drop you a line once I'm more recovered from my trip.


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