Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Adventurenews: You stay out of the way!

And now, the news...

Last week in Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

A look at what adventure comics look interesting this September, including canine investigators of the paranormal, a new Sleepy Hollow adaptation, a Kung Fu motorcycle race, and Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer.

Mike Mignola's returning to Hellboy

He's never stepped completely away from writing Hellboy comics, but he'll start drawing them again too early next year. SCI FI Wire has the scoop and it's well worth reading. There's a surprising amount of specifics and detail in it for a SCI FI Wire post.

Jungle comics

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a few Captain Marvel stories, one of which has a jungle theme.

And Pappy has a Lorna the Jungle Girl story. Pappy's absolutely right, by the way. Lorna's boyfriend Greg is a total butthole. She should've let that croc eat him.

Jungle girl movie reviews

Steve Bunche is on a quest to "see every jungle girl movie ever made, even the crappy ones." So far he's just reviewed Blonde Savage and The Jungle Princess, but I'm looking forward to the rest of his reviews.

The Nautilus' screening room

The only way this home theater could be better would be if it was on an actual sub.

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