Friday, July 03, 2009

Where's Mike?: Day Two

What's on the vacation agenda for today?

Remember to post your guesses in the comments. If you get more right from all four days than anyone else, you get a prize when I get home. Today's are easier than easy.


Chris said...

Deadwood, South Dakota, which isn't far from Devil's Tower. I'm guessing you also visited the big Crazy Horse sculpture that isn't far from Rapid City either.

I trust you visited Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's graves when you were in Deadwood? I was there in December a couple years ago and made the trek. It was pretty dead when I was there, which makes me want to visit when there are more people around to watch.

Michael May said...

Yeah, we visited the cemetery too. It's a beautiful place; much nicer than the town itself which - as you know - is fittingly still a gambling community where people go to try to get rich.

The grave sites were still pretty lonely, even in July. There were other people in the cemetery, so it wasn't like what you described, but there certainly weren't throngs of visitors either.


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