Thursday, July 30, 2009

August Theatrical Releases: What Looks Good

Ooh! And I didn't wait until two weeks into August to post these this time!

Here's what I'm looking forward to (or at least mildly curious about) next month.

7 August

Julie and Julia: I love Amy Adams. And Meryl Streep looks like a hoot as Julia Childs. But mostly, I love Amy Adams.

Shorts: I liked the Spy Kids movies, so I'm hoping that I'll find something to enjoy in this too. The crocodile, if nothing else.

A Perfect Getaway: This could go a couple of different ways: cool, island thriller or lame, stalker horror flick. Either one's going to have Milla Jovovich doing a little butt kicking in the tropics though, so yeah, I'm interested.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: Come on. How bad could it be?

Okay, in all serious, I've got zero expectations that this will be any better than Transformers 2 or even Van Helsing, so there's a miniscule chance that it'll pleasantly surprise by achieving some level of not-that-badness. Really though, the only reasons I'm even curious about it are the undersea headquarters and the combat subs.

14 August

Ponyo: A combination of Hayao Miyazaki and undersea fantasy can't be anything other than wonderful.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard: Stupid title, but I love Jeremy Piven when he's playing a butthole. And the trailer for this looks really funny.

It Might Get Loud: (limited release) I wish this was just about the Edge. Just saying. Update: Okay, I just watched the trailer and that first comment was a stupid thing to say. I'm initially interested in this solely because of the Edge, but it's really really cool seeing him interact with Jimmy Page and Jack White. I expect I'll come out of the movie with a greater appreciation for both of those guys.

21 August

Inglorious Basterds: It's Tarantino, Brad Pitt, and WWII. Pretty much can't go wrong.

Post Grad: What can I say? I miss Rory.

28 August

Halloween II: I only mildly enjoyed Rob Zombie's remake of the original, but I'm enough of a Halloween fan that I'll have to see this.


Siskoid said...

Amy Adams, in fact, can do no wrong.

Michael May said...

It's a shame, because I really like Hillary Swank, but I'm going to have a hard time watching her in Amelia without constantly being reminded that she's not Amy Adams in Night at the Museum 2.

Shara said...

What, no DISTRICT 9?

Michael May said...

I was wondering if someone was going to call me on that. :)

The marketing really hasn't grabbed me and I'm dog tired of fake documentaries and "found footage"-style storytelling. If reviews come back overwhelmingly positive, I'll change my mind, but for now I just can't get excited about it.


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