Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The terrain of Mars is soft and yields to impact

New Flash Gordon movie

I linked to this the other day when I was talking about the Creature from the Black Lagoon remake, but I didn't really comment on it. In addition to The Black Lagoon, Breck Eisner is also hoping to make a new Flash Gordon film.

Eisner rightly wants to forget about the campy '80s version (and - one would hope - the recent, boring SciFi TV series) in favor of something "intense, agressive, gritty and real" while "still staying true to the adventure origins of it, and the adventurous spirit." Sounds good to me.

Abbott and Costello in "About Space"

I love Abbott and Costello movies and this comic at Pappy's Golden Age perfectly captures their charm and humor. And - like the movies - there's also a pretty lady.

John Carter of Mars

What's better than Pixar's Andrew Stanton writing and potentially directing a John Carter of Mars movie? How about Michael Chabon helping with the script?

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