Saturday, May 09, 2009

Other People's Favorite Movie Characters

Wings and Siskoid left links to their own Favorite Move Characters lists in the comments to mine. They're both great lists.

Wings includes some folks who I could've put on mine. Nick and Nora Charles, for instance. And like I said in my original list, I had a hard time leaving off Indiana Jones and Rick Blaine. Wings also mentions Clark Griswold, who reminds me that it's sort of a crime I didn't include Caddyshack's Ty Webb on mine. I love that man.

Siskoid's list not only reminds me that I need to see Swingers and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but also makes me want to watch Garden State and Magnolia again. And since he followed my rule about only using characters who are original to movies, he also promises to do a separate post of Favorite Adapted Characters (if he hasn't already; I'm behind). So of course I'm going to have to do that too.


Wings1295 said...

It is a great, fun meme. Love seeing who other enjoy and who I could have put on my list, too!

Siskoid said...

It comes out this Friday.

And the week after that? Tv characters. I've terminally memetagged myself!

Michael May said...

I think you've terminally memetagged me too. The TV one sounds awesome. :D

Siskoid said...

Here's the Adaptation Edition!


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