Friday, May 01, 2009

Jungle Week: The Return of Jann

Temper Temple

By the Etherington Bros from their highly anticipated (especially by me) Monkey Nuts comic. I think my very favorite thing about jungles is all the hidden temples and ruined cities in them.

Jann: Agent of Atlas?

When I linked to those Jann of the Jungle stories the other day, I didn't realize that they were published by Atlas (which eventually became Marvel). And I certainly didn't know that Jann was this close to becoming a member of my favorite super-team, the Agents of Atlas. Siskoid did though, and he's got the story here.

Yet another reason for me to get the Agents of Atlas collection with that What If...? story in it.

And that's it for Jungle Week. Next week, I'll continue catching up from the Computerless Times by spending... A Week at Sea! Garrrr!

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