Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quack Quack Quack A-Doodley-Doo

The 9 Goofiest Pirates

Leave it to Topless Robot.

They're right to call these the "goofiest" pirates and not the "lamest" or something else derogatory. Though there's no doubt that GI Joe's Zanzibar is lame, Captain Feathersword is nothing less than Completely Awesome.

Personal Subs!

My oh my, look what Brother Calvin has discovered. I now have a way to launch strikes from my floating sea colony.

Robot 13

Not just a younger generation of Robot 6, Thomas Hall and Daniel Bradford's robot-with-a-human-skull vs. giant-cephalopod comic sounds amazing. Robot 6 Head Honcho JK Parkin interviewed Hall this weekend and I'll be reviewing the book soon. Cannot. Wait.

Remember the time the Enterprise went to the bottom of the ocean and got attacked by a submarine with a freeze ray?

Man, they had the wrong guys writing Star Trek back in the day. I'm hoping this is the plot of the next JJ Abrams movie.

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