Sunday, May 10, 2009

Music Meme: 1990

Continuing my list of favorite albums from every year I've been alive.


Enigma: MCMXC a.D.

As New Wave gave way to Alternative, I found myself less pleased with Adam Ant's new album than with groups like Concrete Blonde and The Pixies. But Alternative as a genre in general wasn't doing it for me as much as New Wave had a few years before. I don't know if I was abandoning New Wave or if New Wave was leaving me, but I was starting to flounder without a real Genre of Choice.

Which was probably a good thing, but I didn't think so at the time. What it meant was that I started exploring other genres that I'd dismissed earlier. Stuff like Big Band, Dance, and New Age. I'd kind of dabbled in New Age music in 1986 thanks to Tangerine Dream and the Legend soundtrack, but Enigma made it sexy and fun.

Runners up:
David Bowie: Changesbowie
Concrete Blonde: Bloodletting
Harry Connick Jr: We Are in Love
George Michael: Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1
The Pixies: Bossanova

Adam Ant: "Room at the Top"
Garth Brooks: "Friends in Low Places"
C+C Music Factory: "Gonna Make You Sweat"
C+C Music Factory: "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..."
EMF: "Unbelievable"
Jane's Addiction: "Been Caught Stealing"
Jesus Jones: "Right Here Right Now"
The Lightning Seeds: "Pure"
Social Distortion: "Ring of Fire"
The Sundays: "Here's Where the Story Ends"
They Might Be Giants: "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"

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