Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need a good monster movie...

...but I don't think these will be it.

Run and Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Set in modern times. Starring Keanu Reeves. Only one of those factors kills my interest in it.

Wolf Man could bite

This is disappointing because I had high hopes for the Benicio Del Toro remake, but /Film is reporting that reshoots on the film include a new action sequence with two werewolves fighting each other. Which sounds cool on the surface until you remember that there was no such fight in the original.

Not that the remake should slavishly mimic the original, but what I love about the original isn't the action. It's the completely believable horror of an honorable man becoming something against his will that he can't control. Just as he's starting to reconnect to his loving, but stern father from whom he's been estranged for years. Just as he's starting to discover a new romance and build a new life for himself in his ancestral home. It's a beautifully tragic story and I hate that it could potentially become more like Underworld or Van Helsing. (Not that Underworld is as bad as Van Helsing. I actually like the Underworld movies a lot, but if I want that kind of film I'll watch them.)

Keeping my fingers crossed that the filmmakers know what they're doing and that Wolf Man still ends up being very cool.

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