Thursday, May 21, 2009

MichaeLego and Other Off-Topicness

Lego Me

Lego You.

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: Charlatan

This week's Robot 6 column is all about superhero graphic novel Charlatan and how creating your superhero universe may be distracting you from telling a pretty great story.

The Complete Alice in Wonderland comic

I was surprised at how much I liked Lewis Carroll's original Alice stories. Makes me wonder if a faithful comics adaptation can do it justice.

The Mighty George Kirk

Captain Kirk's dad is playing Thor in Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the Marvel comic. I can totally get behind that. Not only because I trust Branagh, but because George Kirk was one of the coolest parts of the new Star Trek.

They've also cast Loki with a guy I've never heard of, but who totally looks the part.

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