Sunday, January 24, 2010

Standing with Haiti

I haven't mentioned Haiti yet, mostly because it's not what this blog is about, though of course it's been on my mind a lot lately. I'm at the point now though where I can't not talk about it. We went to a get-together on Friday for people in our neighborhood who are concerned about Haiti and it got me thinking about how I can do more. I figured it was worth at least one post here.

I've got a lot of connections to the country beyond my visit there a couple of years ago. My youngest brother was born there, my parents make a few trips there each year, and right now they're sponsoring a Haitian toddler who came to the Mayo clinic for some life-saving surgery. I know first-hand that the Haitians are a beautiful, hardy people and I'm glad that the rest of the world - especially the US - is finally paying attention to them. I only hope that that attention doesn't go away soon. Haiti's going to need a lot of it - and a lot of care - for quite a while.

Here are a few links to charities, information, and other relief efforts in case you'd like to help or know more and don't know where to go. No hard sell from me; I just hope you'll consider it.

Partners in Health – Stand with Haiti
Cancel Haitian debt
Lutheran World Relief
Haiti Outreach Ministries
St. Joseph’s Home for Boys
United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti
Feed My Starving Children
Mountains Beyond Mountains: Healing the World by Tracy Kidder
New Yorker article about Dr. Paul Farmer (the inspiration for Mountains Beyond Mountains and co-founder of Partners in Health)
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