Wednesday, December 15, 2021

AfterLunch | Bond Novels – Diamonds Are Forever

I cover Ian Fleming's fourth James Bond novel, Diamonds Are Forever, in another solo episode. Bond returns to the United States to bust up a mob-run diamond smuggling operation, but how do these hoods measure up as a threat to a spy used to taking on mad industrialists and agents of the Soviets' assassination bureau? And what about Tiffany Case?

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Anonymous said...

Mr May, might I please ask if you intend to give NO TIME TO DIE the full James Bond Project treatment whenever your schedule allows? (One would be interested in seeing your more detailed thoughts on the film and would be very surprised were I the only interested party!).

Michael May said...

Absolutely! Which reminds me that I still need to give the full treatment to SPECTRE as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister May, if you’re willing to ignore SPECTRE then I’m absolutely delighted to do so! (-;

On a more serious note, SPECTRE may well by my least favourite of Mr Craig’s Bond films, since QUANTUM OF SOLACE at least stands as it’s own fairly good Spy Fiction despite being painfully disinclined to be a Bond Movie - SPECTRE, on the other hand, starts as rather a good Bond movie (Truly pitiful excuse for a Bond theme aside) but is completely ruined through trying to sell us a truly abject take on Blofeld (That does no credit to those who came before him and wastes poor Christoph Waltz besides).


Please allow me to apologise; I have Thoughts on SPECTRE and the film’s genuine strengths make its final failure all the more galling (Suffice it to say that, with the honourable exception of Cuba, my least favourite bits
of NO TIME TO DIE all feature Blofeld).

Hopefully the rumoured to be forthcoming RENFIELD movie will cast Mr Waltz as Professor Van Helsing and let the poor man get his mojo back!


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