Saturday, February 08, 2020

Avenue 5

Another show I've given up on this year is Avenue 5 on HBO. I'm a big fan of Hugh Laurie, spaceships, The Love Boat, and disaster movies, so Avenue 5 sounded pretty good. It's about a luxury space cruiser captained by Laurie that's thrown off course and is going to take years longer than expected to get back to Earth. There's a lot of potential drama in that premise, especially when you consider the anxiety-heightened family turmoil and the unprepared crew's trying to keep everything together. And if it's also funny, so much the better.

Sadly, it's the humor that turns me off. Or the specific kind of humor. The show wants laughs mostly from people being exasperated with each other. There's a lot of yelling. A lot of just being unreasonable. And while some of it is funny (Laurie is delightfully wry, as expected), I get tired of everyone's just generally being irritable with each other. I watched two episodes to make sure it wasn't just the pilot that had that tone and that's all I want to do.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Such an odd name for a sci fi comedy series that I assume plays on seeing snotty rich people in peril. I assume Avenue 5 is the name of the ship but that doesn’t sound especially luxurious.

Michael May said...

Yeah. That's the name of the ship. It's not an especially luxurious cruise line. Everything looks very clean and futuristic, but some of the humor is from how Josh Gad keeps coming up with ways to get more money out the passengers, none of whom appear to be outrageously wealthy.

I've never been on an ocean cruise, but it feels like what I imagine a Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise would be rather than something exclusive.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Thats a surprise since cruise ships, even cheaper lines present an image of luxury.

Sounds like the idea may be to mix different classes of people together and be stuck together like Gilligan's Island.


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