Monday, September 20, 2010



snell said...

Better theme song: Hawaii Five-O or Mission: Impossible? Discuss.

Ken O said...

Not just the new 5-0, new Chuck and Castle tonight!

Michael May said...

Snell: Five-O by a hair because of the drums. (Perry Mason's up there too.)

Ken: I'm also cautiously curious about The Event. Mainly for Jason Ritter.

Jay said...

Chuck, the Event, and 5-0, and I'm missing them ALL because I have a class tonight. Every Monday until December.


P.S. How pissed do you think the Warriors' marching band is that the Trojans stormed their beaches to play the theme song for a Hawaiian-themed TV show?

Michael May said...

Yeah, I wondered about that too.

Ken O said...

So will there be a full review or should we discuss here?


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