Thursday, September 02, 2010

Art Show: Frankenstein's a Big, Fat Cheater-Pants

Conan vs. Werewolves

By Alex Horley. [Illustrateurs]

Monster of the Mountains

By Ken Kelly. [Illustrateurs]

Xombi vs. Kinderessen

By JJ Birch. [John Rozum. Man, I miss Xombi.]

After the break: More monster madness.

Monster Heads

By Nathanael Lark. [Art Jumble]

The Frankenstein Wheel

By Gray Morrow. [The Groovy Age of Horror]

Universal Poker

This edition of Monster Game Night by Craig Wilson. [Art Jumble]


By Rosh.


Wings1295 said...

Love the Monster Heads!!!

Sleestak said...

Hmmm. A lot of demon bear going on in that one illo


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