Friday, September 03, 2010

Pass the Comics: "Well, gentlemen, this sounds like something good!"

Mysta of the Moon vs. The Brain!

In this installment, Mysta and her killer robot fight to liberate a spaceport from an evil, human brain who has a fungus spray weapon, an army of zombies, and a totally hot assistant. [Lady, That's My Skull]

Rex Dexter and the Cone-Shaped Planet Debacle

It was tough to pick just a few panels to share from this one. Dick Briefer's art is fantastic and this thing is full of awesome designs for clothing, ships, cars, equipment, and especially the giant monster.

But almost as compelling as choosing cool designs to show you was the temptation to pick some panels that show off the complete ridiculousness of the story. It's ripped off from King Kong, but that's cool. The mind-blowing part is how much of a total idiot Rex is. He knowingly helps bad guys capture a giant monster, kills the villains only when they turn on him first, and then decides to bring the monster to Earth anyway. He totally deserves what happens to him at the end.

The thing is: I want to read more of Rex's adventures as he blunders through space. It's like Inspector Gadget except that Gadget always ended up doing good in his ineptness. I imagine that Rex leaves a path of destruction behind him. [Atomic Pulp and Other Meltdowns]

Carson of Venus Gathers Tarel

Carson - who knows he's supposed to be gathering the material that Venusians make their ropes from - isn't especially quick on the uptake either. [Diversions of the Groovy Kind]

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