Thursday, September 09, 2010

Drinking and Talking About Wonder Woman with Chip Kidd

If I can get this to embed correctly, it's a very cool interview with graphic designer Chip Kidd in which he talks about his love for comics, how that started, and why changing Wonder Woman's costume was a bad idea. There's also a great moment where the interviewer - who doesn't even read comics - offers a brilliant suggestion for making Wonder Woman's look practical without changing it one bit. Whoever's writing Wonder Woman after J Michael Straczynski should take notes.


Anonymous said...

Wally Wood is a good answer for favorite Alcoholic Cartoonist

Jay said...

Great interview! I went to see Kidd speak at the Minneapolis Inst. of Art last year and he was brilliant and entertaining. He talked about graphic design (both his work and the industry). I met him afterward and he signed both of the Batman books pictured in this interview. He's much more subdued here, but make no mistake, he's a riot when he's giving a presentation.

/"Civilians" = hilarious!

Michael May said...

If I'd known how cool he was in person, I would've fought ninja dinosaurs to get to that MIA appearance. I'm sorry I missed it.


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