Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quotes of the Week: Aquaman, Editors, and Snowflakes

I've never really understood those who say they don't know what to do with Aquaman. It's not just that he can breathe underwater, there's a whole mythos to the character, and powers that may not have been adequately showcased before.
--J. Michael Straczynski, scratching his head at Dan Didio and others who claim not to be able to get a handle on Aquaman. (Though I suspect that Didio's comments are more of his usual coy teasing than actual indecisiveness. I'd bet money that DC has very specific plans for Aquaman right now; I'm just not willing to guess what those are or when we'll see them played out.)

I think part of what people are struggling with over there is the idea that the culture you live in doesn't necessarily care about you personally or seek your approval as an individual unique snowflake. Culture mercilessly goes on without you, and without me, and without lots of us, at times.
--Linda Holmes, on how your opinion of something doesn't dictate how Important it is.

The directorial equivalent would be James Cameron and Steven Soderbergh coming in to replace Stephen Sommers.
--/Film's Brendon Connelly, on a) the undervalue of film editors, and b) how one last round of tweaks for the Wolf Man re-make may actually be a positive sign for the movie. I appreciate the first sentiment, but in terms of the second, I remain aloof.

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