Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am SUCH a nerd

So, one of the guys at work is married to a woman from Latvia. He mentioned earlier in the week that she was going back for a visit, so when he got off the phone with her today and told me, "The eagle has landed," I knew what he meant.

"She made it okay to Latveria?" I said, completely unaware of the slip.

He just stared at me, obviously trying to figure out where the heck Latveria is.

At which point I realized my mistake and had to shamefully explain that I'd honestly mixed up his wife's homeland with the fictional kingdom ruled by Doctor Doom.



Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Hold you head high Brother May. You should have totally argued the fact that her countries name had changed TO Latveria and that Doctor Doom was now in charge using that comic as a brochure. If only we could have had some Doombot meat her at the airport. You fly that geek banner my friend and shake you head in pity for THEM. "Oh look at me, I watch the English Patient but I don't know who DOOM is?" TO THE PLANK!!!

Michael May said...

Ha! Thanks for the support. :)

Anyone who refers to his wife's arrival as "the eagle has landed" is okay with me though. :D

Siskoid said...




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