Monday, November 09, 2009

And Now the News: The Wreckage of a Woman's Soul

Still catching up on some old news...

The Deep Blue Goodbye

20th Century Fox is adapting John D MacDonald's novel about houseboat-dwelling private eye Travis McGee and some lost treasure in the Florida Keys. Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star.

Pirates 4 Updates

Turns out, it is an adaptation of Tim Powers' novel as suspected. Powers and screenwriter Terry Rossio shed some light on why that news was slow in coming, explaining that Disney pretty much had to buy the novel because they were planning to do a movie about pirates looking for the Fountain of Youth. It sounds like that's where the similarities end, but Powers speculates that Barbosa may be standing in for Blackbeard from the book. And indeed, Geoffrey Rush has been signed to reprise that role.

Meanwhile, there's some cause for concern that Johnny Depp's enthusiasm for doing the film has been lessened by the departure of the Disney chairman who originally brought Depp on board.

Tarzan the Spy

The Double-O Section has a great look at how '60s Bond-mania temporarily influenced everyone's favorite jungle hero. You need to click through just to see Tarzan firing a machine-gun Rambo-style.

The Conspirator

I'd like to pretend that I'm excited about The Contender because it's about Lincoln's assassination and I'm always interested in learning more about that. But really I'm more excited because Rory's going to be in it.

The Asylum's Sherlock Holmes

You may have heard that there's going to be a big deal Sherlock Holmes movie coming out pretty soon. Which of course means that there's going to be a cheapo Asylum knock-off to go with it. I should remind everyone at this point that even though the poster promises dinosaurs, dragons, and some sort of giant cephalopod, the chances of being satisfied by the actual presentation of Holmes' fighting these creatures is very slim.

Not that the Asylum can't make entertaining movies. They can. But those are rare and it's best to go into them with some skepticism.

Speaking of which...

I guess the Asylum's getting a good headstart on Andrew Stanton's John Carter of Mars movie. With Traci Lords as Dejah Thoris, no less.


Sam Raimi's making a Yeti film. [Illustration by Doug Bell.]

Thor movie update

They've cast Sif and Odin. I don't know anything about Jaimie Alexander, but I'm thrilled to see Anthony Hopkins as Odin.


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Oh Asylum are the crappy cereal in my Scooby Doo breakfast bowl. The must have some footage left over from Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. They aren't even trying to cover what they are doing anymore.

I can't believe your news about Pirates of the Carribean comes out the SAME day I just watched all 3 in a row (which really is the only way to see them). Jeffery Rush as Barbossa is great. "Thank You Jack"
"You're Welcome" "NO NO..we named the monkey Jack."

Michael May said...

Barbossa is EASILY my favorite character in At World's End. He's great in the other two as well (even the tiny bit he's in Dead Man's Chest is awesome), but he blows everyone else away by the end of the trilogy.


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