Thursday, November 12, 2009

And Now the News: Try to control the panic

Cave Girl vs. Skull Heads

Those skull-headed guys are the coolest jungle villains ever. [The Comic Book Catacombs]

Given enough prep time...

The old maxim goes that given enough prep time, Batman can defeat anyone. Diamondrock proves though that Batman doesn't need no prep time. He's always ready.

Drake Bacula: MonSTAR

Brandon Terrell (Horrorwood) has found a new way to combine his love of horror with his love of Hollywood in a new chapter book about a child-star vampire. It's targeted at grades K-3, which means that I'm totally getting this for the boy.

Death Day

Sam Hiti (Tiempos Finales) is serializing his new graphic novel Death Day on his website before offering it for print. I say this as someone who loved Tiempos Finales, but from the first two chapters, this is the best thing Sam's ever done. It's eerie and mysterious and exciting. And free. Please go give it a look.

Aurora of Jupiter

Go get that space monster, Aurora! [Pappy's Golden Age]

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