Friday, November 27, 2009

Elsewhere on the Internets: Cownt Tales, Tumor, and Rogue

Here's what else I've been up to online lately...

Cownt Tales interview

My Robot 6 cohort Tim O'Shea was cool enough to interview me about the Cownt this week.

In other exciting Cownt Tales news, the book is finally available to order on IndyPlanet for anyone who prefers to do it that way. I've updated the Cownt Tales entry in the sidebar to reflect that too.

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs

Tumor isn't exactly the kind of comic I usually pick to talk about here. The gangsters aren't monkeys and the cops don't wear jetpacks. It's a mystery, but it's not a murder mystery. It is, however, exciting to read and - though dark at times and touching at others - a great deal of fun. It's a crime comic - noir in every sense of the word - and the emotional depth that Fialkov and Tuazon give the main character makes it an engrossing experience I didn't want to finish. So while it may not be a big adventure comic, it is excellent.

It's the story of an elderly private investigator named Frank Armstrong who's hired by a crime lord named Gibson to find his missing daughter. Obviously it's not going to be as simple as that and as Frank begins his investigation he starts to ask questions about Gibson's motivations for finding the girl. There's rumors that she ran off with some money. Is Gibson trying to get her out of trouble or planning to kill her? How is Frank's old cop pal involved? Hell, how are all the cops in LA involved for that matter?

Answering these questions would be hard enough without the brain tumor Frank's carrying around. He's in his last days, struggling to stay on his feet, fighting the seizures that are coming more and more frequently, and helpless against the hallucinations and memories that threaten to overtake him. It doesn't help that the girl he's looking for looks a lot like Frank's dead wife. Or that the situation with Gibson's daughter seems to mirror the events that led to Frank's wife's death. With Frank so sick, he's having a hard time keeping it all straight. Past and present are merging.
Read the rest and see Phil Hester agree at Robot 6.

What Are You Reading?

I used to talk about Rogue quite a bit here, but since dumping single issues for trade-waiting, I've had to take a break and let the collected volumes catch up to where I left off. They finally have and I talked about it for last week's Robot 6 group feature. The sort version is that I love Mike Carey's story and I'll definitely be buying the next collection.

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