Thursday, November 05, 2009

And Now the News: A Tough Nut to Crack

I'm waaaay behind (like months behind) on news, so I'll need some time to catch up. Here's a little bit to get started with...

Captain Daring

Pappy's got a Golden Age pirate comic. Funny; it's nothing like Tales of the Black Freighter.

10 Pirate Comics

I always love Bully's Ten of a Kind features, but I especially loved the Talk Like a Pirate Day one.

The Airfighters

From the press release I got:
Look! Up in the sky! It’s not a bird, it’s a plane! And what a plane it is! Airboy’s “Birdie” returns this January and he’s not flying solo.

Writing legend Chuck Dixon once again mans the stick for the adventures of Airboy in Moonstone’s all new Air Fighters #1.

Flying in Airboy’s squadron you’ll see Sky Wolf, Black Angel, Flying Dutchman, Bald Eagle, Flying Fool, Iron Ace and Captain Midnight as they take on the original Axis of Evil in the air, on the ground and anywhere else their fight for freedom takes them.

With stories navigated by Tom DeFalco, Martin Powell, Jeff Limke, Len Kody, Mike Bullock and Joe Gentile, the Air Fighters will once again earn their wings by making the skies safe for liberty!
I've read some of those old Golden Age Air Fighters comics and they're completely nuts with their pilots in wolf-skins and medieval armor. They're also completely racist, but I have no doubt that'll be corrected in the Moonstone version. Looking forward to seeing these characters work together in the same squadron.

Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time

Got another email - this one from Red 5 - about the release of the third Atomic Robo collection.
This December, the third volume of Atomic Robo debuts with the trade paperback Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time. It collects the acclaimed five-issue mini-series, with bonus stories and art… and the web-short “Atomic Robo vs The Yonkers Devil” in print for the first time.

Atomic Robo TPB Volume 3 (Diamond Order Code: OCT091062)
It is 1926 when H.P. LOVECRAFT comes calling to warn ATOMIC ROBO of imminent doom. But the SHADOW FROM BEYOND TIME escapes into the future, intersecting with our world through the 20th century. The future and history of the universe hangs in the balance as ATOMIC ROBO teams up with, uh, ATOMIC ROBO in a last ditch effort to protect reality itself.
152 pages, $18.95, 2009-12-09
Why we won't see an Alpha Flight comic again soon

Tom Brevoort explains why Marvel can't figure out how to make a successful Alpha Flight comic:
Alpha Flight is a tough nut to crack, and in all honesty we haven't quite cracked it yet. So at the moment, there isn't any active Alpha Flight series in development. The problem with Alpha Flight is that the two things that really drove interest in them in their earliest years were the fact that they were these exciting, mysterious new characters who mixed it up with the X-Men (and in some ways resembled them as regards the tenor of their team), and the fact that their series was being written and drawn by John Byrne at the height of his powers and popularity. But when you drill down, the core concept of the series is based on geography, which is very limiting -- they're like the Avengers, but in Canada.
That's disappointing mostly because - except for the part about John Byrne's being a huge part of the team's popularity - I absolutely disagree with him. The secret of their early success wasn't their mystery. The mystery was dispelled almost immediately in Byrne's initial stories and I'd argue that those stories are the reason fans have such powerful fondness for the team.

What no writer has been able to recapture (as much as I liked Steven Seagle's X-Files-like conspiracy angle in Volume 2) is that focus on those original characters. Every single time the concept has been re-launched, it's been with one or two originals and an otherwise all-new cast. Until Marvel tries a series with the original team and that fails, I don't think they can argue that the concept itself is the problem.

Ghost Rider vs. the Orb

Know what's cooler than the Orb in a Ghost Rider comic? Absolutely nothing.

Karl Kerschl's Awesome Announcement

Accompanying the above picture, Karl Kerschl said, "I’m thinking of doing a book of animal paintings like this. Possibly a children’s book.

"Possibly an Abominable Charles Christopher children’s book…"

Oh, yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Totally agree with you about Alpha Flight. The characters are strong and they can be global just as much as they can be regional. I think you need both an artist and writer that are fans like you find with Ghost Rider. That book was NO WHERE so they gave it to someone who had the time to bring the heat with the love. Now we BOTH gigggle like schoolgirls to see the ORB as a buddy. And who ever thought I would like Danny Ketch again? No character or team is ever truly dead in the right hands. Gardians of the Galaxy is another proof.

Michael May said...

Preach it, my brother. You said that so much better than I did in my hastily constructed post. :)

Unknown said...

Hey, MMay!

Saw the post on Alpha Flight...I too think you CAN bring back Alpha. The hook was the typical good story, take flawed characters and make them change. None of the reboots made me care about the characters.

Maybe that's what Tom meant about "the mystery" of the characters. It was cool to find out about each character and their past and their motivation to be heroes. A new series doing that right would be good.

As you and I have found, there are good stories that can be written about the Alpha characters, the same can be said for the team as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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