Monday, October 12, 2009

FallCon Non-Report

I got home from FallCon last night and went straight to the computer to download photos and write a report. That's when I realized that I've misplaced the USB cord for my camera. Fortunately, Grant Gould took this picture of the Cownt Tales crew, so I can at least pretty up this post, but I've got to have my pictures in order to tell you about the rest. If I can't find my cord in the next couple of days, I'll buy a new one. In the meantime: there are two things I need to say.

First, Cownt Tales did really well. Not "hotcakes" well, but not too shabby. Certainly the most successful thing I've ever had at a show. We had lots of people who were interested and delighted with the book, including several who showed up at the table specifically because we'd promised them a Cownt comic for this show back at MicroCon last Spring. I'm thrilled that we were able to fulfill that promise, even though it meant self-publishing this issue. We do have some books left though, so I'll do another post later about how to get a copy once I've figured out the details. We'll also have copies available on IndyPlanet, but that's not completely set up yet either. Stay tuned.

Second, I was pleasantly surprised at how many readers of this blog showed up to say hi. Totally made my weekend. You guys rule. I'll share a couple of those stories and the rest of it soon.


houseofduck said...

I cant believe I didnt think to have the three of you sign my copy for me! Guess I will have to bring it with to Microcon.

Michael May said...

D'oh! How'd that get past us? I should've thought of it too.

MicroCon it is! And thanks again for the Usagi books!

houseofduck said...

Not a problem. Got the next four back just this afternoon so if you finish those and want more let me know and we can meet up sometime.

Jay said...

Good to meet you at the show Michael. Glad the Cownt is doing great!

Martin Powell said...


I'm so sorry I never made it over to your table. I wanted a copy of Cownt Tales, too. Dang.

There's always MicroCon...but I really should have made more of an effort to visit your table. Before I knew it the weekend flew by.

I apologize. My loss.

Regardless, congratulations on the book!

Michael May said...

Thanks, Jay! It was very nice meeting you too.

Martin, I kept trying to get over to your table too, but whenever I wasn't busy, you were. Which is an awesome problem to have. From where I was sitting, it looks like you had a great show. :)

And as you say, there's always MicroCon.

Martin Powell said...

Thanks for understanding. Things were busy, it's true. In fact, this was my most successful convention to date. Can't complain at all.


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